「We Love You」


Inspired by the hippie movement of the 1960s-1970s, “WE LOVE YOU” is the title of PREEK 2023 collection.
We find similar feelings in our daily lives with the attitude of living in challenge and uncertainty. We are now again pursuing the meaning of liberty, love, respect for individuals, and liberation of sensibility.
The collection is also influenced by the psychedelic music of the era, which leaves a feeling of floating, tiredness, and the vague boundary of reality and unreality.
The materials span from our high-quality gold and silver to baroque pearls and natural stones.
Based on the inspiration of the collection, we adopted pearls with psychedelic rainbow colors and a lot of unique natural stones that we find a deep connection to the human spirit.
The design is also focused on the feeling of freedom of nature and our daily lives, we created original motifs of birds and tree branches, and details we got inspired by some vintage lampshades.
Though each item has a unique character, they are also enjoyable pieces for mixed and layered stylings. PREEK 2023 collection would like you to explore your own way of dressing, cherishing the relationship between jewelry and your personality more freely.